"The Plunge" Production Blog
The Plunge: Starring Colten Zacharias, Nicholas Van Brunt, and Abigail Taubner

Colten Zacharias - Josh

My name’s Colten Zacharias.  I’ll be working, have worked, on this project as both an actor and a writer.  If I could pick just one, I would; but I can’t, and luckily don’t have to, so I won’t.  This project has already been one of the highlights of my young college career, and I have a feeling the best is yet to come. I am a sophomore Business major at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, but this kind of creative enterprise is my true passion.  Business is a livelihood; art is my life.

If you are a younger brother, you will appreciate The Plunge. If you’re an older brother, you’ll appreciate The Plunge.  If you’re from New York, Madison, have lost a job or lost a family member, been alienated, been down, loved and been loved or hated in return…well, you’ll like this project, or at least feel for it.  It has something for everyone, and something real, something a little deeper than the last sit-com your eyes somehow managed to choke down.  And that opinion is not biased, said the writer.

Nicholas Van Brunt - Adam

Nicholas Van Brunt will be playing the part of “Adam” in the upcoming UW Hollywood Badgers production, The Plunge. Nicholas is a senior at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.  He has appeared in several local productions, including Likely Productions short Phantom Farm, as well as J.D. Walsh’s web- series Battleground. Nick is most excited about tackling the more cankerous aspects of the character of Adam”, and he is looking forward to being part of such an impressive project.

Abigail Taubner - Isabel

Hi Everyone!  My name is Abby Taubner and I’m playing Isabel in “The Plunge”.  I’m a sophomore here at UW-Madison studying Theatre, and also starting to delve into Business with hopes of getting a Marketing Degree.  In my short one and a half years here, I’ve had the honor of playing Alice in UT’s You Can’t Take It With You, Bird in UT’s Ti-Jean and His Brothers, Young Violet in CTM’s A Wonderful Life, and getting involved in 1-UP, UTA, Humorology with my sorority Kappa Alpha Theta, and several other odds-and-ends projects. I can’t believe the work put into “The Plunge” so far- you guys have a real treat in store for you!  I’m so excited to start knocking out filming with the awesome cast and crew.  With such a passionate team behind this project, I can’t wait to see what us Badgers can accomplish!